"Seriously funny, yet funnily serious!"

Do you need to Sell More, to More Customers, for More Profit?

You want results from your conference / meeting right? 


The serious business of getting results through action for the Automotive Sector, requires drive, determination, experience and above all empathy - I feel your pain!

To carve a successful 32 year career in Automotive - it also helps to have a sense of humour!

People tell me I’m a funny, caring and empathic sort of guy, all I know is that I thrive in front of an audience that I can engage with, help them enjoy themselves, and be inspired on the way. Oh and I'm in touch with my feminine side too - I eat Quiche and I'll even speak in drag if you want!


Renowned for a quick and wicked wit but with a very sensitive side too, I am a dedicated family man with a zest for life and a belief in living every day to the full. Oh and in business, I have been known to be very serious and focused on results. 

The mark of a true professional, is the "ad-libs" are well rehearsed!


So, humorous and protective – like a "clown ninja".


Insightful – Informative – Inspirational

From various roles during a 30+ year career in the motor trade, I've got stories, anecdotes and insights that will inspire, provoke thought, make you laugh, cry and cringe - but most of all, make you take back some key actions to improve your business.

At your conference, meeting, event or awards ceremony, when I take one of your keynote sessions your audience will be taken through my proven formula for a successful event – Impact, Engagement, Motivation.

  • The impact will make them want to be there!

  • Engagement will ensure they not only interact but also understand the essential take-aways

  • Motivation; as all my talks are tailored and contextualized to your business or event, they want to leave and make changes that bring about change or results – guaranteed!


Specialist in communications for Millenials - M2M Selling and Leadership  #NextGen


Speaking on subjects such as Sales, Communication, Leadership and Customer Service, I’ll be using the extensive bank of resources and knowledge / experience I’ve gained from over 20 years working in senior corporate roles in VW Group, Mercedes-Benz and Pendragon PLC, as well as considerable time as a Director of my own successful training business.


I am a regular commentator on workplace issues such as how to adapt to a growing “millennial” work-force – including how to evolve communications and behaviours to keep up. My greatest legacy in this area will be the Apprenticeship in Motor Finance that I’ve pioneered with the FLA.


From growing up in North London, going to very tough schools and then a lengthy career in the sometimes savage Automotive Sector, my sense of humour, fun and compassion has been my survival kit.


Let me share my story, anecdotes and practical insights with your team to help them perform better. Keynotes include;

Sales Tales - How to overcome the world's perceptions and thrive


The Death of a Car Salesman – How not to survive in a changing world


F.R.Ed Talks – Future Reality Education – How to avoid the pitfalls of when academia meets commercial reality.


Lessons from Behind the Mic – How my love of presenting radio has taught me essential lessons in communication, that I wish I'd known as a car salesman

 M.C. [emcee] 

C.E.O.s are brilliant at running businesses – In my experience, they’re not so great at running a conference or event!


Let me be your M.C. for your important team or company conference / event.


Engaging the audience to participate, introducing speakers, hosting panel discussions and even ensuring the event is co-ordinated to run to time etc are the key skills of an amazing M.C.


But, more than that, I will work with you in the build up to the event to ensure there is flow and continuity and ensure that the audience are absolutely clear on how they are to participate and take value from the session.


If your event is an Awards Ceremony or an evening celebration, as M.C. I will guide your guests through the timed events, working closely with any entertainment acts, carry out a very engaging raffle or charity auction and ensure that you can relax and enjoy your event too!


I have M.C.d numerous major events for charities and large corporate functions as well as hosted Awards Ceremonies. These have included;


Willen Hospice – Ascot Ladies Day


Porsche Bournemouth – 40th Birthday


The Automotive Industry Excellence Awards


Associate Evening for a large training business.


For me, as M.C. the event is not just the day or night – it begins with me thoroughly understanding you, your  organisation and the expected outcomes of the event.


Born out of a new-found love of radio, I am now a regular broadcaster / presenter on a local station in my home town of Milton Keynes.


Originally a hobby, I quickly realized, that not only do I have a great face for radio, but my personable, empathic approach is what engages both my show guests and audiences.


Everyone loves music in some form and together with this and a natural curiosity for human kind and all it’s foibles my regular show “Everyday People” gives ordinary people the chance of a life-time to share their story on the radio and experience studios – an uplifting experience for them.


In addition, I am available for voice-over, announcing and Pod-cast work, with access to a fully licensed and insured recording facility.


I have also combined this love of radio with my work in my training business and created an amazing team-building event,  where teams develop and deliver their own show, live on air www.liveat3.today

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